Reviews of ‘One Pretty Peacock’

  • “One Pretty Peacock” resulted in a new comedy crush for yours truly. Seriously. This guy’s just amazing. Recorded at one of LA’s best weekly comedy shows, the album features 45 minutes of completely original intellectual absurdity. Completely original, Buscemi jumps swiftly from subject to subject, leaving a trail of laughter and peacock feathers behind him. Pick it up today.”

    Angie Frissore @AngieFrissore
    Under The Gun Review

  • I love this album.One listen will make you realize this man has worked incredibly hard for a very long time to perfect his absolutely individual and inventive comic perspective. His jokes will make you think, and his unique voice and hilariously timed and brilliantly worded act separate him from the pack. Buscemi is offbeat, sincere and witty, a downright clever interpreter of the English language and an absolutely delightful mystery.

    “One Pretty Peacock” will make you weep tears of joy. It’s a spring-loaded jack-in-the-box of funny, definitely a keeper. I want to include more of his jokes in this review, but I truly do not want to ruin the utter surprise and joy that I felt when I heard his jokes for the first time. I highly recommend this album, especially for those with an absurd sense of humorist. Pick it up today.

    Christine Horvath @BawdyByNature

  • “Robert Buscemi is to comedy what Wes Anderson is to film.”

    Ed Placencia

Press Raves

  • “Best Stand-Up, 2009″

    “Genial yet macabre, conversational yet sophisticatedly self-reflexive, accessible yet eccentric, Buscemi earns his audience’s trust with serious charisma.”

  • “Buscemi, Chicago’s Best”

    “Unique and refreshing, Buscemi maintains a relentlessly sunny but thematically strange and even dark stage persona.”


  • “Buscemi Brings the Funny”

    “Robert Buscemi is outstanding … fantastically absurd. We recommend the fantastic DVD (T)wit, filmed at the Subterranean. Just trust us, the guy’s good.”

  • Snubfest’s Buscemi the Odds-On Favorite

    “We can’t say enough about this comic … daring and fearless, Buscemi could easily be the next big Chicago comedian.”
    “Clever and sophisticated, bordering on Andy Kaufmanesque, Buscemi is worthy of such big-time fests as HBO and Montreal.”

  • Robert Buscemi’s Palpable

    “Refreshing and original, Buscemi is a master at painting a mental picture. The random ideas on his CD Palpable only get better and better, hilariouser and hilariouser.”

  • Top 10 Albums of 2010

    “Refreshing and original, Buscemi is a master at painting a mental picture. The random ideas on his CD Palpable only get better and better, hilariouser and hilariouser.”

  • “Buscemi is the rare comic who actually seeks out weird turns, which keeps his high-wire stand-up act edgy and interesting.”


  • “Buscemi has strangely serious appeal.”

    “North Grad Building Buzz on Comedy Scene”.


  • Inside w/ Buscemi: Comedian, Actor, Writer

    “I worship the stage. Claymation skunks couldn’t keep me away.”


  • Don’t Poke Me, Bro: Facebook Etiquette

    “We can’t all be consistently witty with our status updates like a Robert Buscemi, but can’t we at least strive for some occasional insight?”


  • 10 Rising Comics

    “Buscemi? Don’t ask. Just go see him.”


  • Show Recommendation

    “As one of Chicago’s best known alternative comedians, Buscemi’s continued success guarantees his time in the city is fleeting.”


  • Stage Roundup

    “Buscemi is on the cusp of big things, and his arsenal of absurdity should be seen before his inevitable exit to a Coast.”


  • Comedy Preview

    “One of local stand-up’s stars … one of the funniest men in Chi.”


  • The State of Stand-Up in Chicago

    “I’m a plant in the middle of its growth with an uncertain future, so I just relate to the guy at the bottom.”


  • Stelling Mulls the Move to LA

    “Oh, you see celebs out here. That’s the town sport. Like bird watching. My latest: Lou Ferrigno at my grocery.”


  • Interview on release of album Palpable

    “I’d like to avoid pain and death and sorrow and heartbreak and cynicism and find adoration and wealth and spiritual calm and solace and good hamburgers. Is that too much to ask?”


  • On winning “Best Chi Stand-Up 2009

    “I’m classically handsome. People forget that because I’m so funny. But I glow. Like a Tim Conway or a Mae West.”


  • Review of album Palpable

    “Corny and ingenious, clownish and refined, silly and sly, this affable jackass-of-all-trade mischievously pokes the conventions of his profession.”



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