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Behold the uncanny magic of the brainy, elegant peacock!

Robert Buscemi is celebrated by the press, fans and peers and is a veteran of many top festivals. His hit 2013 Rooftop Comedy album “One Pretty Peacock” was recorded in one long, unedited take at LA’s uber‐hot “Holy F*#%” comedy show and represents his tightest release to date. His previous hour­‐long stand­‐up offerings include the acclaimed 2010 Rooftop album “Palpable” and the highly touted 2007 film “(T)Wit!” by Sundance and Comedy Central director Jordan Vogt­‐Roberts.

The consummate guide, Buscemi transcends time and place, leading his audience on a charming journey away from the mundane. He paints fantastically absurd scenarios that put the brain through its paces, coaxing people’s inner peacocks and peahens to come out and strut.

This affable brain gymnast constantly seeks out new ways to hone his craft. In recent years he cultivates fans and previews live stage material via Twitter (follow @RobertBuscemi). If people like a joke there, he tries it on stage. If it gets solid laughs, it stays and gets fine-tuned.

In fact, most material from “One Pretty Peacock” started as Tweets – many verbatim. And since Buscemi gravitates toward certain subjects, he finds it easy to weave his best Tweets into longer stories. About what? Well, lately about birds, show‐biz, night-life, dating and hanky-panky.

Now in LA, Buscemi developed his act in Chicago in the same rich stand‐up soil as luminaries TJ Miller, Pete Holmes, Portland’s own Matt Braunger, Hannibal Buress, Kyle Kinane, Kumail Nanjiani and Nick Vatterot, where a decade ago they all performed at the legendary Lyon’s Den open mike every Monday.

Buscemi’s comedy is for the bright, the aware, the switched­‐on … for the curious, the non­‐cynical and those with a taste for the uncanny. It’s for anyone who likes the absurd, the fanciful and the silly. In other words, truly discerning comedy consumers will feel right at home.

And oh dear LORD how the camera loves this man. Did we mention that? It’s out of control. Truly.



April 2013

About Robert Buscemi

Robert Buscemi is celebrated by the press, fans and peers and is a veteran of many top festivals.

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