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Robert Buscemi's comedy transcends time and place, guiding audiences on a journey away from the mundane. He paints fantastically absurd scenarios that put the brain through its paces, coaxing people’s inner peacocks and peahens to come out and strut.

Buscemi’s comedy is for the bright, for the aware ... and for those with a taste for the uncanny. 

And his acting? He's so good that sometimes his acting tights burn off entirely. 

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RT @dumbcaleb: The definitive ranking of the times of day: 24. 4am 23. 3am 22. 2pm 21. 2am 20. 5am 19. 1pm 18. 11pm 17. 9am 16. 10am 15. 1…


Where I come from, we’d call a little bastard shit like this a reeeeeeeal grade-A douche nozzle.…


About Robert Buscemi

Buscemi's stand-up has earned raves from the press and prominent peers alike, and he's appeared on many top festivals. He's also acted in film and on network TV, where he's so good that sometimes his acting tights burn off entirely.

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