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"Robert Buscemi is like getting a hug from a friend who just got out of a lake. It's not for everybody, sure, but if you're not ready to get a topless, slippery, lakeside embrace that's consistently hilarious and hugely original, then we're not friends."

- Pete Holmes @peteholmes

"Buscemi's new album is insane, and that's a compliment. He has a beautiful mind and he brings it to bear on subjects you didn't know existed and makes them hilarious."

- Rob Delaney @robdelaney

“If you were to just close your eyes and listen to the timbre of Robert Buscemi's honeyed voice without focusing on the words, you might have the mistaken impression that this is a sensible and rational member of the human race. You would, of course, be wrong. He is, instead, a certifiable lunatic, an acerbic cultural critic, and hilarious chronicler of his own idiosyncrasies.”

- Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack

"I am unable to see sea gulls as anything but beach chickens now.  It's terrifying.  As terrifying as the sloth-toed pegasus that is Robert Buscemi's comedy. It’s hauntingly absurd."

"As one of the premier talking-bear comedians in the United States (Yogi Bear 3D), I believe that Robert Buscemi is the absurdist polar bear of feathered beach chickens. His mind is a roller coaster carousel -- kids usually get hurt, but not too badly."

- TJ Miller @nottjmiller

“Frank Zappa and Dr. Seuss pilot the spacecraft that is Robert Buscemi. We are the fortunate passengers welcomed to enjoy his journey through a universe comprised of articulations, gesticulations, and general nincompoopery.”

- Kyle Kinane @kylekinane

"Robert Buscemi is a smart absurdist, one of the many qualities that comes out in this great stand-up album. One Pretty Peacock IS Robert Buscemi. It’s who we all are, only he has a comedy album out and it’s amazing. The rest of us can burn in hell."

- Rory Scovel @RoryScovel

“Robert Buscemi is uniquely funny in his own truly original way, a rarity in a scene where it seems some version of everything has already been done. Buscemi has never compromised his one-of-a-kind brand of stand-up. His comedy veers off the main road like Willy Wonka taking you on a tour of an M.C. Escher painting. You find yourself laughing in ways you never have before. And he’ll be the first to let you know that you’re a better man and/or woman for it. Much like the goddess of war sprang from the forehead of Zeus, Buscemi reverse-Athenas into our medulla oblongata and tickles us with brilliant comedy. ”

- Nick Vatterot @nickvatterott

"Robert is so silly and intriguing. I love watching his stand-up. It's weird and funny, yet soothing and energizing.”

- Beth Stelling @BethStelling

About Robert Buscemi

Buscemi's stand-up has earned raves from the press and prominent peers alike, and he's appeared on many top festivals. He's also acted in film and on network TV, where he's so good that sometimes his acting tights burn off entirely.

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